We love capturing the action, the delight, and the details of the world around us on (digital) film. 


The Reed Opera House building in Salem, Oregon

An Evening at the Reed


Ferris wheel at sunset at the Oregon State Fair.

State Fair Swirl

Bicyclists on the Peter Courtney bridge in Salem, Oregon

Biking the Taco Bridge

(courtesy of Cherriots)

A Cherriots bus in downtown Salem, Oregon

Autumn Masterpiece

(courtesy of Cherriots)

An English setter dog at Thompson Brewery in Salem, Oregon

An English Setter at an English Pub

(City of Salem Historic Landmarks Commission award winner)

Interior of the Salem Public Library

Return to the New Brutalist Style

(City of Salem Historic Landmarks Commission award winner)


Cherriots bus driver standing next to the bus

My Cherriots Career

(courtesy of Cherriots)

College-age women waiting at a bus stop

WOU Wolves Waiting for the Bus

(courtesy of Cherriots)

A teenage girl boarding the bus

Transit is Independence

(courtesy of Cherriots)

A bus driver with Caesar the No Drama Llama

He's So Fluffy

(courtesy of Cherriots)

A bus rider wearing a mask at the Downtown Transit Center

Pandemic Safety

(courtesy of Cherriots)

Man with Caesar the No Drama Llama

A Man and His Llama

(courtesy of Cherriots)


A trillium flower in the forest

Lonely Bloom

A close-up of a plant with water droplets on it

Diamond Waterdrops

Rhododendron bushes in the forest

Forest Garden

Flowers in a Field

Fields of Flowers

Close-up of a rhododendron blossom

Prize Rhody

Paper lantern at the Salem, Oregon Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival


Close-up of strawberries at a farmers market

Summer Strawberries

Close up of soap that looks like a watermelon slice

Watermelon Soap

Colorful bath bombs at a farmers market

Bath Bombs

A medley of Middle Eastern foods from A&J Burger

Middle Eastern Medley

Close up of pickled vegetables at a farmers market

Eat Your Veggies

A salad topped with chicken from A&J Burger

A&J Burger's Chicken Salad


DSC01428 - edited, reduced, watermark

West Salem Beauty

DSC01398 - edited, reduced, watermark

Home is Where the Hearth Is

DSC01381 - edited, reduced, watermark

Let's Get Cooking

DSC01072 - edited, reduced, watermark

Welcome Home

DSC01116 - edited, reduced, watermark

20th Century Entertainment Space

DSC01087 - edited, reduced, watermark

Space for Everyone at the Table


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